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For Immediate Release:

November 5, 2020

MBBCA is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with Don Ferguson and HoopStarsMedia.  He is currently a coach at Osseo Senior High School and is a member of the Minnesota Black Basketball Coaches Association and the founder of Hoop Stars Media.  He has been instrumental with the development of our logo and the handling of our website and social media duties for the MBBCA.  He is a national sports contributor for NY2LAsports.com and HoopStarsMedia.  When he rolled out Hoop Stars Media last High School basketball season, he gained a great momentum in our Minnesota market. We are looking forward to building on this collaboration with HoopStarsMedia to assist high school programs with media coverage and player exposure.

HoopStarsMedia created this platform to help support programs and provide necessary exposure for the program and Student Athletes’ needs.  This national platform was also created as an outlet for athletes in Minnesota to provide opportunities and to balance the disparities that exist for athletes of color in College recruiting in this market.  Many times, our kids are overlooked due to the lack of coverage and exposure and it is HoopStarMedia’s goal to change the narrative.  In their vast network they have College Coaches, National Scouts and Basketball followers.  Through their exposure, they have an audience of up to 10K – 25K+ followers/viewers on social media + Web traffic.

 Why is this IMPORTANT? 

In today’s world with COVID , it’s important to have more media outlets covering Student Athletes in an unbiased way so we can help provide opportunities for these athletes, as  the recruiting process does not look the same in today’s environment.

More info you can contact: info@MBBCA.com

Please visit Hoop Stars Media online at: www.hoopstarsmedia.com

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