Minnesota Black Basketball Coaches Association





We are proud to announce the formation of the Minnesota Black Basketball Coaches Association

After witnessing the tragic 8 minutes and 46 seconds of George Floyd losing his life at the hands
of those who have been sworn to “Protect and Serve” and seeing the rest of world finally
realizing that which we have known for a long time: that Black America is suffering at
alarming rates and top of the list for Every single disparities that exist within this country
including the great state of Minnesota.

Some of us felt the need to stand up and use the platform that we have been given to become
change agents. With a need to address systemic racism, A few coaches thought it was time to
create a collective voice and propose the formation of MBBCA.

Minnesota Black Coaches Association goal is to give Voice, Validity and Opportunity to men
and women of color in our game.

Our hope is that we can come together to Grow, Learn and Present opportunities for
Black/African American coaches within the state of Minnesota using MBBCA as the platform.

For more information please visit our website at www.mbbca.com