Committee Structure

Executive Committee

Shall consist of the President, First Vice-President, Second Vice -President, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President and Executive Secretary. The Executive Committee shall function in the absence of the full body.


Assist with recruiting and retention of MBBCA membership. Also work on developing additional benefits for the organization membership

 Education / Networking

PDS clinics are held throughout the year and cover topics concerning various aspects of our profession, including coaching development, ethics, and personal development. Member coaches can receive official PDS certification.


Will promote professional development via national, regional, and local training and development. Online education will also be made available to our membership.


Committees work to advocate for and advance coaches’ interests relative to High School basketball legislation and policies in the state of Minnesota

Awards / Recognition

Create criteria for various recognition of coaches

Media / Publication

MBBCA is committed to increasing exposure and employment of its membership. As part of your membership fee, all MBBCA members will have their resume and coaching profiles entered into  our Coaches Information Network  which will be a real time live searchable database  that can be accessed by those who are looking to fill coaching vacancies.

A quarterly newsletter toenhance the flow of relevant information throughout our membership with a digitized electronic newsletter. Members are encouraged to submit news items that can be shared with the membership.


Plan to sustain the organization long -term

Youth Basketball

How to work with MYAS and Youth Basketball organizations

Want to Join our Association?

If you are a Coach, we urge you to review the website and join MBBCA. An association where we value your active involvement in building a platform that gives us “Validation and Voice” while providing membership with professional and career development opportunities essential to developing high quality programs